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You can get rid of illneses that others cannot get rid of, how is it possible?

You ask the most important and at the same time the most provocative question. The answer is simple: we know more, we learn more and faster, we enjoy the process more than anyone else, and we are able to analyse situations correctly. The combination of all these factors gives us an advantage in solving the most difficult problems.


What exactly is a remedial massage?

Remedial Massage is not a spa therapy; it is a medical treatment. At the DAOS CLINIC, the goal of any therapy is to improve the affected areas of the body, improving the functioning of various bodily systems, working with muscle chains and with inflamed muscles for starters to lead to the healing activity of the body.

Remedial Massage is different from other forms of massage. The extensively trained therapist has in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology. This is then used to inform the prevention and treatment of injuries and disorders.

Therapists teach each patient body assessment; they observe changes over time and tailor individual treatment plans for each patient. Therapeutic massage is much more than a “feel good” massage. It uses specific techniques to address injury, posture or joint problems.

At the DAOS CLINIC remedial massage goes further and combines several therapeutic approaches into one. All therapy sessions are always sequential, informed by notes taken after each session.

What is unique about your methods at Daos Clinic?

We never work in a prescribed pattern, as the body informs us about the next treatment. We don't guess.

We provide consistent examing assistance and bad habits work with the body, so that it is possible to teach the patient to live again, heading to a healthy state of being.

I drink and I smoke; will this affect the treatment?

The Daos Clinic does not judge people. We accept everyone’s life choices and discuss ways that people can modify their lifestyle without taking away some of the things that we enjoy.

What massage course do you recommend?

How many times a year do you fix your car? That's right, everyone is different, everyone has their own mileage, but if something goes wrong, then you will go to the garage more quickly.

Everything is more complicated with the body, people are used to being sick for years and they endure all signals for help.

At Daos Clinic, we teach patients to listen to their body, we teach people to love their body and the result can be rapid. The body and personality should live in symbiosis, and not in isolation and this is what we work towards together.

Will the body hurt the next day?

Again, it all depends on the procedure. For example, if the work goes on the lymphatic system, then there are no after effects, since the procedure is very mild. The after effects of treatments, such as work focusing on the respiratory system can be more obvious the next day but these aches are short-lived. From a positive perspective, your body comes alive.

Do you have relaxation massages?

Some therapeutic massage techniques are more relaxing than others and indeed some patients may fall asleep during the massage. In general, much depends on the chosen procedure. Some procedures may feel uncomfortable but the relief felt afterwards will compensate for the discomfort. At the Daos Clinic we do not provide aimless strokes for a pleasure only experience, nor do we offer promises of a quick cure for pain. We skive only for the truth.

Can I get a massage if I am already in pain?

Pain is the main reason why patients come to us. We specialise specifically in relieving your body of physical pain, correcting your mistakes and teaching you how to care for it properly so that you don't have to see a specialist in the future. Our job is to heal you, educate you and let you go in the hope of never seeing you again, as you won't need it.

What do you think about massage guns?

This is a great device, great for relaxing large muscles, e.g. after a marathon, a kind of light sports massage after exercise. We advise all athletes to use it if you cannot afford to visit a masseur. DAOS CLINIC offers service that is not just massage, our approach to treatment is holistic. We deal with more serious body problems where a massage gun cannot help. There are muscle chains that involve many elements, and this is where the expertise of a specialist is needed. But again, we understand that not everyone has the money to visit a professional regularly, so the massage gun is an alternative for relaxing overtrained muscles.

Car parking at Solent Business Centre?

There is large parking at Solent Business Centre, it is free of charge for visitors.

What form of payment do you accept?

You can pay by cash or debit/credit cards, mobile wallets and direct debit.

List of cards:

- Visa

- Visa Electron

- Mastercard

- Maestro

- VPay


- American Express

- Union Pay

- Discover

- Diners Club

List of mobile wallets:

- Apple Pay

- Google Pay

- Samsung Pay

- PayPal QR codes

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