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Always low prices for you


First appointment 60 minutes *

- Consultation
- Fill in the form
- A questionnaire about your symptoms
- Testing
- First treatment


logo for remedial massage 90 minutes

Remedial massage 90 minutes

- you think 90 minutes session is better for you
- more time more areas can be fixed
- recovery after sports event



Remedial massage 60 minutes

Muscle diagnostic tests

Good option to treat alignments such as:   

- Back pain

- Muscle stiffness

- Sciatica

- Jaw pain

- Legs cramps

- Frozen shoulder

- Neck pain

- Spine therapy

- Work with joints (arthritis)

- Hernia

- Different syndromes

- Digestive system issues



Remedial massage 120 minutes

Muscle diagnostic tests
This session option gives more time for detailed work such as:

- Lymphatic system drainage **

- Full body massage



VIP session 90 minutes

Infosomatic and Psychosomatic session

- Emotional stress

- Lack of life energy

- Reprogramming of reactions to life situations

- Life coaching

- Rebuffing


* Why you can't skip the first appointment and just get a 60-minute massage?

The first session involves filling in the form, introducing each other, finding out what is wrong, testing the problem area, identifying the quickest solution, and of course the first therapy. The most important part of the first session is to identify the root cause of the problem, as this will form the basis of the therapy programme. This is why the first session is the most important and aims to save you time and money. We assure you that the Daos Clinic does not keep patients longer than necessary, this is our ideology, it is because of this credo that we do not do aimless strokes.

I have conclusions from other professionals about my problem and the problem is clear to me, I don't need any tests

Our approach to treatment is radically different from anything you know. We blend several therapeutic disciplines, while being advocates of Oriental medicine. All reports, X-rays and scans can help others to find the cause of your ailment and tell you everything you have, but they can seldom 100% identify the cause of your illness. Very often we have to convince patients of the invalidity of various conclusions and diseases. Many different illnesses have been invented and people live with them for years, thinking that they are incurable, and part of our job is to correct others' mistakes, unfortunately.

** Why does a lymphatic drainage massage last 2 hours?

A good lymphatic drainage massage has a specific sequence of procedures. This work is quite extensive and time-consuming for both the therapist and the patient. Quite a large percentage of patients who think they have problems with their lymphatic system do not actually have such problems, and here we can only be happy for them. The modern internet can scare anyone into reading about various diseases. Again, whether or not you need a lymphatic drainage massage is determined at the first session. Please understand and realise that if you have blocked lymph drainage from certain areas of the body, it does not mean that you have a problem with the lymphatic system itself.

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