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Myofascial Meridians- Anatomy Trains

What are you tallking about? meridians... trains...

If you look at the drawing, on the left you will see an acupuncture meridian made up of acupuncture points. And on the right you will see the Thomas Myers anatomical train (a muscle line made up of several elements). On the left are the points through which energy flows through your body, and on the right are the physical media through which energy flows (muscles, ligaments, tissues). On the left is water, on the right is a jug. You can compare your body to your home, there are wires (muscles, ligaments, fascia, bones) and electricity everywhere. And so, we now have a minimal knowledge - if you come for acupuncture, they tune you up with the energy aspect of your body (electrical flow). And if you come to a massage therapist, they fix your muscles, ligaments, fascias (the wires and sockets in your house).


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