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Breathing is life. Proper breathing is the key to a long life. On the physical plane, breathing in brings oxygen into the body and breathing out removes carbon dioxide. On the emotional plane, breathing in helps you absorb new things and breathing out allows you to let go of stresses, worries, anxieties and thoughts. But because we don't live in a world of fairies, and we can have stressful situations every day, all this settles on our emotional field and blocks breathing, causes muscle spasms, chest pain and sleep deprivation. 

A bit of science for you

Oxygen is the main oxidizer on the planet and so is our body. Through oxidation, the body fights bacteria, viruses and parasites: the more oxygen your cells have, the stronger their defences against pests. Lack of oxygen makes your body tired and nervous, makes it difficult to eliminate toxins and of course extra fluid called lymph is produced, you become overweight and then eat something sweet to stress. In medicine, the lack of oxygen in the body is called by a beautiful word: Hypoxia. Ignoring hypoxia for a long time can lead to certain complications, from which modern medicine has not yet learned how to get patients out. The Daos Clinic takes a holistic approach to our body and successfully assists in this area as well. The techniques that we use are unique and the results we deliver are very satisfying for both patient and therapist.

Is smoking harmful to breathing?

This is a standard question, and here is our non-standard answer. It’s very easy to find the culprit and place all the blame on it; it’s just human to abdicate responsibility. But maybe you are harming your breath not only because of cigarettes, but somewhere else? We will give you a list of different reasons that harm your breathing, and you can decide for yourself how dangerous smoking is; perhaps it is not so harmful after all.

You talk a lot - a very common problem, some people talk so much that they forget to breathe properly, they don't have time to say everything. When you talk, you exhale, but when it's time to inhale, the inhalation is very shallow, and over time this habit disrupts proper breathing.

You are often too emotional - the centre of your emotional shell is located in the heart and lungs, positive emotions increase the charge of this centre and negative emotions decrease it. Most chest diseases are related to your emotions, stress that you are unable to defuse can be fatal.

You lead a sedentary lifestyle - you sit in the car to and from work, you sit all day in the office, you sit at home eating, you sit on the sofa watching TV, sleeping at night and then wonder why you have shortness of breath going up the stairs to the first floor? The main muscle of your breathing is the diaphragm, and this muscle should be trained. A calm and measured life will rather stagnate your diaphragm, it will be weak and not ready for superloads.

You overeat - it's hard to know how much your body needs when your stomach is distended. Excess food is excessive toxins when broken down, digested, and flushed out of the body. If you can tie your shoelaces without any discomfort, you're fine, but if you have to huff and puff during this very difficult act, you're probably overweight, which is bound to affect your breathing.

You are not eating enough - this is the other side of the coin, you are not giving your body enough resources to function properly and your breathing is getting worse and worse, and many people don't even realise why as they continue not to eat.

You work with chemicals, harmful fumes, dusty jobs - janitors, welders, road workers, auto mechanics and many other professions are much more harmful to your health than cigarettes, such professions should be less taxed and preventative work should be done to eliminate the effects.

You have chest stiffness - various posture abnormalities, consequences of various physical or psychological traumas. A very common problem - a person has experienced stress and lived with it for some time and still solved internal conflicts and got rid of the underlying stress, but the muscles remembered the stress. And you get a situation where physiology starts to rule your ideology. The curled body brings the owner back to the stressful situation and starts to magnify it.

You have a respiratory illness - a very common diagnosis that often multiplies for no reason. Your child coughs, you go to a specialist for help, they tell you it's the onset of asthma and prescribe an inhaler (my own experience). No one cares about the causes, everyone is fighting the symptoms. The DAOS CLINIC has a completely different approach and your problems are solved, not prolonged.

You don’t breathe during physical activity - the scourge of all gyms, some try to lift as much weight as possible, for some the above problems do not give them a chance to use their lungs 100%. Most hold their breath, gradually suffocating themselves. Then they become our patients, the problems are usually quite advanced. We have to retrain and release them in a new format, healthier and more professional. The positive thing is that they all learn their lesson, since their mistake caused them pain and they do all subsequent physical activities more thoughtfully.

What we offer to you

Work with the diaphragm

The diaphragm is the body's main muscle after the heart muscle. In many people it is so spasmed that breathing becomes very shallow.  At the Taoist Clinic, each patient is given close attention to this area, constantly manipulating it to make breathing easier.
Neck work - there are several auxiliary breathing muscles here, various important adaptations that are responsible for your even breathing.
Nutritional correction - finding your mistakes and correcting them not only speeds up the healing process, but also prevents future symptoms - no cause, no symptoms.
Digestive system work - there is no good breathing without excellent digestive function, this is a rule everyone should understand. If you have a hanging potbelly, this is also an indication of respiratory problems.

You have long term pain, you have multiple health problems, you have syndrome.

You are looking for something different, you are unsure how deep is your problem

You have digestive problems, you have reflux, you have regular abdominal cramps, you are overweight

You have water retention in your body, you are overweight, you have chronic illnesses, you have had surgery in the past, you have scars

You are not satisfied with your figure, you do a lot of sports, which does not help to get the desired shape, you have recently had a childbirth, you have cellulite

You are looking for a gentle massage to find emotional balance, you are stressed, your nervous system is telling you there are problems, you want to solve some problems in your body but are afraid to go for a remedial massage

Your muscles are stiff after exercise, you exercise regularly, you have cramps after exercise

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