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What is deep tissue massage and how can it benefit you? We are based in Southampton, England
Our understanding of deep tissue massage is different from anything you will find on Google.

For patients with only a physiological problem:

If you need a quality massage of a certain area of your body, there is nothing better than a deep tissue massage. Remedial deep tissue massage is not as superficial as a classic massage, and not as intense as a sports massage. It is the most optimal massage for you if you are in any kind of pain. 

What do you mean by remedial deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is a set of techniques, while remedial is a depth of mastery of all techniques, a deep knowledge of anatomy. It is like a surgeon with a scalpel, where the scalpel is a tool, and the surgeon is a set of knowledge and experience. The tool itself is ineffective with limited knowledge. So, what are we saying? Your physiology is the result of your ideology and it is not right to work only with your body. If you come with pain, it means you have made a mistake somewhere, and the therapist's task in DAOS CLINIC is to help you get rid of not only the pain, but very often also the illusions in your life. 

For patients who think that a physiological problem is not the only cause of your pain:

What kind of illusions are you talking about?

brain energy channels

1. The most important illusion is that your pain or illness came out of nowhere. Any deviation in the work of the body for a long time is a violation of some natural laws, just somewhere in the past you made a wrong conclusion, took offence, missed a blow from toxic people or simply do not see who is causing you energetic harm. To find out the cause of your illnesses, you need to be able to trace the cause-and-effect relationships, to be able to change them and reprogram the interaction of your mind and body, and this is where you need the help of DAOS CLINIC. As you can see, we offer the deepest massage for you, deep tissue massage for your body and mind :)

2. The illusion of universal kindness. The kindest always suffer the most, why do you think that is? It all depends on your energy resource. If nowadays you are kind to everyone, it means one of two things: you live in the world of fairies or you simply do not know how to protect yourself - you have given yourself away. And we are not saying that you should not be kind to others, on the contrary, this is what makes us human, but in everything you should know the measure, and if your body falls apart from the wrong manifestation of your kindness, it is a sin towards yourself, towards your body. If you dig deeper, there is a reason behind every good deed, there are no free deeds in this world.

3. The Illusion of Truth. Many people lie to themselves, lie for years and very often start to believe in their illusion. Why does this happen? Everyone has their own reasons, it's easier for someone to lie to themselves than to change, someone is lazy, someone is scared, and someone needs to deal not only with internal problems, but also with body pains, and DAOS CLINIC is the best place for that ;).

4. The illusion that everything is eternal - everything changes, and if you do not accept this, then you do not fit into the laws of nature, and nature rejects you. You have to be flexible, flexible in your relationships, flexible in your mentality, flexible in your body. Your principles must also change, because your worldview changes, what was once the norm can now be dangerous. Look at the picture of acorns, even some acorns mutate, your task now is to keep up with the changes, and the DAOS CLINIC’s task is to help with this.


You have long term pain, you have multiple health problems, you have syndrome.

You have digestive problems, you have reflux, you have regular abdominal cramps, you are overweight

You have asthma, you have regular panic attacks, you have constant shortness of breath, you have shallow breathing, you have regular coughs

You have water retention in your body, you are overweight, you have chronic illnesses, you have had surgery in the past, you have scars

You are not satisfied with your figure, you do a lot of sports, which does not help to get the desired shape, you have recently had a childbirth, you have cellulite

You are looking for a gentle massage to find emotional balance, you are stressed, your nervous system is telling you there are problems, you want to solve some problems in your body but are afraid to go for a remedial massage

Your muscles are stiff after exercise, you exercise regularly, you have cramps after exercise

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