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If you are truly looking to improve your physical and emotional health then you should try our DAOS CLINIC remedial massage in Southampton. 80% of new patients become our regular visitors.

Remedial massage is the king of all massages. Our skeletal system is supported by muscles, ligaments and skin, which form a capsule for our body. Each muscle has an additional capsule and at least two attachments to the bones. Any deviation in the body is first of all a deviation in the muscles. You should understand that if your lower back hurts, there is something wrong with your muscles. It's the same if you have abdominal pain or some nerve, somewhere the muscle is tight, somewhere it's loose, there's a misalignment and a clamp. Traditional medicine tries to help everyone in a rather forceful way, antibiotics, pills, surgery. The DAOS CLINIC offers you another way of solving your problems - through therapeutic massages. If your knees or hips have been hurting for years and you are already chronically ill, we can help you get out into the realm of health and good emotional health.

The list of some problems we tackle:

Regular neck and upper back pain - the main area of the body for wellbeing is uniquely your head and a healthy neck ensures that your brain is regularly fed with oxygen. Conversely, unbalanced blood flow leads to complications all over the body, from simple migraines and constipation to vision problems and hormonal disorders. The brain controls every part of your body, the brain controls your entire endocrine system, meaning the formation of orders for each organ can be sabotaged by seemingly simple discomfort in the neck.

Jaw problems and pain - The DAOS CLINIC works with muscle chains rather than individual muscles and the jaw is involved in almost every myofascial chain and is a huge problem area if not dealt with. You can go to different clinics and try to solve leg pain or chest pain but the root cause can be in the jaw.

Problems in the chest - all of us have felt pain in the chest at least once, many have had an arrhythmia and it is quite frightening. The most dangerous thing in this situation is of course panic, it always makes the situation worse and exacerbates the symptoms. If you have no pain or numbness in your left arm but have chest pain then you should come in for a consultation as it is very likely that a remedial massage can help. Your lymphatic and respiratory system will be checked, problem areas will be identified and a treatment plan will be discussed.

You are looking for something different, you are unsure how deep is your problem

You have digestive problems, you have reflux, you have regular abdominal cramps, you are overweight

You have asthma, you have regular panic attacks, you have constant shortness of breath, you have shallow breathing, you have regular coughs

You have water retention in your body, you are overweight, you have chronic illnesses, you have had surgery in the past, you have scars

You are not satisfied with your figure, you do a lot of sports, which does not help to get the desired shape, you have recently had a childbirth, you have cellulite

You are looking for a gentle massage to find emotional balance, you are stressed, your nervous system is telling you there are problems, you want to solve some problems in your body but are afraid to go for a remedial massage

Your muscles are stiff after exercise, you exercise regularly, you have cramps after exercise

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