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Visceral massage is a massage of the abdominal muscles, popularly called the stomach. When the abdominal muscles are properly massaged, blood flow is regulated and all systems work better. The abdominal area is the middle of your body and avoiding work in this area is absolutely out of the question at the Daos Clinic. It is a dark horse for most professionals as it is a very complex mechanism.

Problems and pains in the abdominal area - this area is home to many organs and correct blood flow can only improve the condition. Getting rid of pain in this area will not only improve your digestion, but also your breathing and take your emotional field to the next level.

Swallowing and reflux problems - people live for years with a bitter taste in their throat, there is plenty of information online, our job is not to try to scare you, but to let you know that this problem is perfectly solved by us.

You have long term pain, you have multiple health problems, you have syndrome.

You are looking for something different, you are unsure how deep is your problem

You have asthma, you have regular panic attacks, you have constant shortness of breath, you have shallow breathing, you have regular coughs

You have water retention in your body, you are overweight, you have chronic illnesses, you have had surgery in the past, you have scars

You are not satisfied with your figure, you do a lot of sports, which does not help to get the desired shape, you have recently had a childbirth, you have cellulite

You are looking for a gentle massage to find emotional balance, you are stressed, your nervous system is telling you there are problems, you want to solve some problems in your body but are afraid to go for a remedial massage

Your muscles are stiff after exercise, you exercise regularly, you have cramps after exercise

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