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If you have jaw pain or jaw disorders that can ruin your life

You are chewing and it hurts. Do you have shooting pain in your ear, jaw or eye? Do you have a jaw spasm that causes regular headaches? Your jaw clicks every time you open it. Do you grind your teeth at night? Then come to us, we can help you solve these and many other problems in a short time. Our sessions last 60 minutes each, which sometimes gives you enough time to deal with even jaw joint syndromes in one session.


Why is a healthy jaw joint so important to you?

jaw vessels

First of all it is the head, the head is the brain and the brain controls all the functions of the body. A sore jaw means that an acidic environment is forming near the brain, and that is just dangerous. 
Secondly, your teeth also receive nutrition, and nutrition comes through the blood. Now imagine you have an inflammatory process in your jaw joint and your teeth are not getting proper blood supply. If you straighten your jaw, you will save thousands on the dentist.
The third is pain, any pain in the head area affects the psyche more than anything else, this pain can ruin your life, your plans, your positive thinking.

Is it possible to help yourself, are there exercises?

You cannot help yourself, the jaw is a complex joint. Exercises will be given by the therapist after treatment, depending on the pathology you come to us with. The jaw is part of several myofascial lines, so it takes time for the results of treatment to take hold. Pain can be eliminated in one session, this is not a problem for us, it is important for us to do a good job for you.

Maybe you know how to treat TMJ disorder?

So, let's go back to the top of this page, read everything again, and try to answer this question for ourselves. Here is a clue Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a jaw joint. We live in an amazing time where any information is open to you, Google can enlighten you, Google can guide you, but your job is to analyse all the information you get and choose where to go. Modern medicine has come up with a million different names for diseases for which even more drugs have been invented. We offer you an alternative, a healthy alternative that will help you gain confidence in the future, give you positive emotions, saturate your body with energy and save you from many problems that you often get into only because of irresponsible attitude to your body.

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