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Do you have sciatica pain? What happens with sciatic nerve

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in our body and it can hurt in many different places, if you have pinched it in some way - a bad fall or overtraining and not stretching your muscles, a stretching exercise called a pigeon stretch can help - it's a common problem when a muscle is in spasm.

sciatic nerve

Pigeon stretching exercise

pigeon pose

At first do stretching for 5 minutes on each side, gradually increase the time to 15 minutes, you will get rid of the pain and if it comes back, then invite for the first session as you have a complex problem and just stretching is not enough. 

You have ignored the body's signals for a long time and you have inflammation of the sciatic nerve

Here the situation is more complicated, as most likely you have not paid proper attention to your body for a long time and the inflammatory process has started, but after a couple of weeks this process can be stopped and the pain will go away, but again, you will have to change your lifestyle and periodically do exercises. Most of our patients with sciatica pain belong to this group, people suffer for years and refuse to believe that the pain has gone, because the feeling of pain is stored in their subconscious.

The sciatic nerve is damaged.

This is a very rare occurrence and there is no point in scaring you, it's already described very scarily on the internet and when you start looking at everything, it may seem like you are about to meet your forefathers.... 😊 Let's just say the body is very clever and it would rather immobilise you than let you damage that nerve.

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