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Several causes of lower back pain

If you are experiencing lower back pain on a regular basis, it could be due to several causes:


You have a misalignment in the area of your pelvic bones

If you have ever fallen on your tailbone, it can cause it to dislocate and subsequently skew the entire pelvis, and the manifestation of this problem can last for decades. Pelvic bone misalignment always affects your posture and can only be corrected in a few sessions.


Your muscles are in a state of spasm

You play sports or do repetitive movements at work, but when you get home you don't have time to stretch and when you get to the gym you only spend a few minutes stretching. Well, the answer seems obvious, start with stretching.

You have lower back spine misalignment 

Have you been x-rayed and told that surgery is necessary? We advise you to take your time, surgery is always an option, email us your scans, describe your problem and we may be able to help you avoid surgery and the gruelling recovery afterwards.

You have poor posture in your lumbar (lower back) region.

You have an inflammatory process

You have myofascial pain

Bad posture in one place usually entails two other bad places in the spine, so this problem does not occur on its own and requires a comprehensive approach.  

This is where you need to get checked out, as there are many variations and causes of inflammation, and this is only for the first session. Inflammation is when your immune system is not coping. Inflammation leads to joint destruction, so the only advice here is to come in for at least the first session to find out the root cause, it will cost you £55 for first session and possibly save you from a wheelchair in the future.

Your body is a complex machine and it has myofascial lines that can become skewed and cause pain in places where there is no problem, just tension on some side. This is where only an examination of the muscle lines can identify the problem area, and DAOS CLINIC offers such a service.

You have an energy deficit

A very rare and very delicate cause. It happens that you are naturally endowed with increased sensitivity, and this is achieved through a lack of energy. But life goes on, stresses grow, and sometimes toxic people in your immediate environment negatively affect your energy potential. And when the quantity of your daily energy losses turns into quality, you start to have regular lower back pain. Come see us and we can help you understand what you need to change in your life to feel better.

You have a herniated disc in your spine

Many people advise surgery, but we don't because there is an alternative. Yes, you will have to invest in your health, yes you will have to do exercises, yes it won't be easy and sometimes painful, but it is an alternative. Watch some youtube videos about spinal surgeries 😉 it will help you make the right choice.

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