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You may not know you have flat feet, but ignoring heel pain or foot pain is not an option.

If you have foot pain, heel pain, various arthritis, then this page is for you. Here you will find more practical exercises than theoretical knowledge. If you know you have flat feet, go straight to the exercises, but if you are in doubt, the next section can entertain you a bit, you will become a child for a while. You can do this as a family and check on the kids. The earlier you identify flat feet, the less problems in the body, and they will form sooner or later if you lead an active lifestyle. Many people don't even know they have flat feet and don't realise the risks and consequences.

flat feet 4

Your feet are the base, the foundation of your body, like the roots of a tree. What happens to a tree with a weak root system if a strong wind blows? It's the same with your body: a strong foundation and even weight distribution on both feet gives you many priorities:
Uniform blood circulation both in your legs and above.
You will avoid the formation of vascular mesh and varicose veins in the future.
You will minimise knee pain.
You will recover faster from physical activity.
Your immune system will work properly (blood cell and immune cell formation also takes place in the bone marrow of the tibia).
You will be able to avoid leg pain, cramps and various spasms.

How do you check if you have flat feet?

To test you will need a few A4 sheets and gouache paints, a bowl of clean water, a towel and a brush. Paint the soles, not too much paint, and make a print on a piece of paper, then another and another until you have a clear mark. Compare it to the pattern of flatfoot levels and decide what to do about it. 

If you have realised that you have flat feet, we hope that you have now decided to change your feet, it will not be easy but it is worth it, let's move on to exercises. We advise you to combine exercises with corrective massage at the DAOS CLINIC, this will speed up the process and eliminate your mistakes, this is another indication of the quality of our help. But we realise that not everyone can afford it financially, that is why we give you these exercises. Working on your own will always bring greater satisfaction, although not the fastest.

foot marks
flat feet chart

You finally got to the exercises

So, we have a set of three exercises, perform them in the order in which they are given to you. Each exercise should be performed for 15 repetitions and only in one set. It is advisable to do them every day, preferably in the evening. After each exercise, it is recommended to shake your legs for 5-10 seconds to relax them.

Form the arch of the foot. It is important that all toes remain on the floor and that the outer edge of the foot always touches the floor. Place your fists between your knees to keep the distance between them during the exercises. It is important to create extra friction of the foot against the floor/carpet for more resistance, the heavier the better. Get your nails done so you don't have to replace your laminate flooring or carpeting. :)))

Same thing just inside one.

Half of your foot on the step, half hanging down. Perform a deep lowering of the leg and rise as high as possible. the entire body weight on one leg. If you find it very difficult, it is allowed to cheat ;)

Can you correct flat feet with exercise alone?

Everything is possible, we give this prediction - 20% of those who sincerely want to correct flat feet, do not need outside help and immediately explain why - they have stamina and patience, and the problem of flat feet they have developed in the process of life. For example, women change shoe size during pregnancy, the arches simply sag, and exercises in this case are enough. If you have congenital flat feet, i.e. you have had it since birth, then the causes of flat feet are completely different, and systematic work is needed to restore it. Why are we so sure of this? It's simple - we have solved this problem with our own health. We know all the pitfalls, so success is guaranteed if you are fully involved in the process.

What else can you fix at the DAOS CLINIC?

If you have hallux valgus, valgus and varus, heel pain, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, peroneal tendonitis and much more, you should definitely come to us for at least your first appointment. Your problem may be solved in one session, or it may take months of work, but you will appreciate the results for the rest of your life. Our prices are more than reasonable and affordable for almost everyone, so it just depends on your priorities. You can invest in your health, build up your energy, and it will definitely come back to you in monetary terms, nature always rewards those who work hard, and changing yourself is certainly always difficult.

Will various shoe supinators help you?

Yes, of course it will help your balance. Walkers help the elderly, crunches help with leg injuries, supinators help with flat feet, they simply support you in a balanced upright position and take the extra strain off your spine. Do they teach you how to hold your feet properly, the answer is no, they are just your support.

Valgus and varus

valgus and varus

Hallux valgus

hallux valgus

If you have read all of this and have any questions that are not answered here, you can always write to us and we will answer them as soon as possible.

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