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DAOS CLINIC remedial massage Southampton
Neck pain interferes with the flow of energy from the body to the mind.

15 causes of neck pain:

Let's look at a few reasons why you have neck pain, the options will be listed from the most innocuous to the most serious abnormality:

1.    You have dehydration. What to do: increase your water intake. If you read somewhere that you should drink 2.5-3.0L per day on average, we ask you to throw away these stereotypes, you are all different, your weight is different, your occupation and water intake are different too. Just start drinking more and see how your body reacts.

2.    You have recently sat in a draught. This is not a pleasant situation, but it is not very dangerous to your health. Solution: wait a few days and you will feel better, your neck mobility will be restored, remember your weakness and don't sit in windy places anymore.


3.    You spend too much time on your smartphone. A modern problem many people have with their free time: the phone sucks you in, the phone eats up your life. Reduce the number of hours.

4.    Your trapezius muscle is tense. Hand massage your shoulder with your neck + do Dog Bird exercise. If you choose to do this exercise, please keep your thumb up when doing it, it is very important. 


5.    You are taking some kind of medication. Very often taking medication is accompanied by side effects that are not always immediately noticeable. Solution: ask your GP for a consultation, it is quite likely that there is another medication, try it.

6.    You have hypertonicity (too much muscle tone). There can be many causes, but they all have the same symptom - the nervous system does not switch the muscle into the relaxation phase. If hypertonicity is accompanied by increasing pain, you should definitely contact us before simple hypertonicity develops into a syndrome. If there is no pain and it does not cause you discomfort, you can wait, perhaps the innervation will improve on its own. 

7.    You are living with partially disfunctional muscles. At some point in your life, you have misused your muscular system, violated the natural rules of safety and health when using the device entrusted to you (your body), and your decision-making centre has simply switched off some muscles or muscle fibres to avoid further injury. What to do. What you need to do here is to delicately sort out the situation and find the partially disacteve elements, find where you are making mistakes and correct them.

8.    You have bad posture. What do I do? Deal with this problem, bad posture is always a curved spine, sooner you start is better for you.

9.    Your cervical vertebrae are misaligned. There are several causes:
- Some muscles pulled the vertebra out of its groove.
- This is a compensatory action of the body itself, and in this case, correcting the vertebrae with chiropractic care can lead to reclination.
- You have too much on your plate and the load of problems is pressing on your spine.


A little bit of physics for you:
Your body is your conductor through which your life energy flows, if you have connected a lot of things to your conductor (your body) then the flow of energy being conducted through your body cannot increase instantly and you start to sag as the conductor starts to heat up.

- You are not manifesting yourself correctly in this life - you are not playing your role in life.

Another very well hidden cause, in our practice there have been cases of getting rid of years of neck disorders simply by changing jobs or accepting oneself in certain life situations. 

10.    You have an intervertebral hernia. Only regular therapeutic massage sessions will help here. If you have undergone surgery and you have been fitted with fusion in the cervical spine, then here we are powerless to completely correct the situation, and all risks are discussed at the first session.

11.    You have a displaced clavicle. What to do? The effect of a dislocated clavicle on the body is equivalent to a broken and misaligned clavicle, and if you have a dislocated clavicle it is correctable. Any manipulation should be done in conjunction with a therapist, never attempt to do anything on your own.

12.    The problem has to do with your jaw

13.    You have myofascial pain and require adjustment of several muscle lines. This is a professional job and is only done with the help of a therapist.

14.    You have some kind of syndrome. What to do. You have come to the right place, your search is over, we are constantly dealing with syndromes.

15.    You have a more serious problem that has progressed into a protracted phase of the illness. This is where we need to talk before making any predictions.

9 good reasons why you need to eliminate your neck pain

1. Neck pain sooner or later leads to headaches due to limited oxygen supply to the brain.

2. The neck is responsible for the blood supply to the brain. Our entire body is controlled by the brain, and if the blood supply is compromised, body functions and sensitivity slow down.

3 If you have neck pain, this is a clear sign that you need to pay attention to your body. The neck is involved in the formation of posture, and if a spasm in the neck prevents you from living, sooner or later your posture will begin to deteriorate and your vitality will decrease.

4.    The blood supply to the brain, eyes, jaw, and ear lobes passes through the neck. A few massage sessions can save you thousands in the future, your vision will be stable, your hearing will be excellent, and your teeth will be healthy. 

5.    The neck is the vascular highway from your body to your head. Through the head we lose 80% of our body heat, it is the main element of heat dissipation of the whole organism. Accordingly, it is desirable to keep the head cool, so wearing a warm hat in summer is the same as closing the air outlet of a hairdryer. The hairdryer will burn out quickly, don't even doubt it, with brain overheating is also simple - your mental productivity will drop.

6.    If you have numbness in your hands or weakness in your arms, it is also a result of neck problems.

7.    The thyroid and parathyroid glands are located in the throat. This means that your bones, nervous system and muscles are directly or indirectly affected by the condition of your neck.


Thyroid ->>

Parathyroid ->>

8.    Neck work is the most delicate work, which emphasises the importance and fragility of this area.

9.    One last good reason - you've found a place that does neck work, even if this problem doesn't concern you, save this page in your browser, it could save you or your loved ones years of searching for the right therapist and you won't have to drink mountains of pills.

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