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Is remedial massage for you? Do you suffer from arthritis or hernia? You are tired from lower back pain, so you are in correct place.

Do you have a long term condition and have tried many therapists? Are you desperate and don't know what to do? Then come to us, we know how to help with therapeutic massage therapy.

We specialise in restoring the body through healing therapy, which is a combination of deep tissue massage and point work on the tendons. This approach allows us to eliminate pain in a short time, whether it is sciatica pain, back pain or neck pain.

Arthritis, hernias and various syndromes are no big problems for us. Personalised work to restore digestion and breathing, and of course to correct spine, flat feet and jaw problems.

sciatica pain
pain areas
lower back pain
flat feet bones position

You have the opportunity save your knees and elbows.

Avoid joint surgery and stop taking pills, more answers can be found in the FAQ page or be asked directly.

jaw pain

What massage do we do?

We won't go into detail about what massages there are, there is a lot of information on the internet, we'll touch on the basics, but a little later. Our clinic has absorbed the most useful techniques, invented their own style of work to achieve results for the fastest health recovery, each massage has a creative approach. Agree it would be unproductive to solve problems with cramped muscles without understanding the cause of the cramps. Or trying to do lymph drainage without finding the cause of the excess lymph and working on the stagnant areas, hoping that the lymph does not start to accumulate again. The DAOS CLINIC only provides therapeutic massages, which means that every style of massage is designed to improve your health. Whether it's a deep tissue massage or a relaxation massage, there is always a goal and some kind of improvement work to be done, we can't do otherwise, you can't throw away all your knowledge and pretend you're a stroking machine.


We have divided our whole therapy into 8 parts:

You have long term pain, you have multiple health problems, you have syndrome.

You are looking for something different, you are unsure how deep is your problem

You have digestive problems, you have reflux, you have regular abdominal cramps, you are overweight

You have asthma, you have regular panic attacks, you have constant shortness of breath, you have shallow breathing, you have regular coughs


You have water retention in your body, you are overweight, you have chronic illnesses, you have had surgery in the past, you have scars

You are not satisfied with your figure, you do a lot of sports, which does not help to get the desired shape, you have recently had a childbirth, you have cellulite

You are looking for a gentle massage to find emotional balance, you are stressed, your nervous system is telling you there are problems, you want to solve some problems in your body but are afraid to go for a remedial massage

Your muscles are stiff after exercise, you exercise regularly, you have cramps after exercise


Syndromes can be scary, they can be mild, and there are names for syndromes that you can't even pronounce, and in the process of pronouncing them you can get another syndrome. :) We take syndromes very seriously, we deal with them regularly, we relieve people of years of pain.
The word "syndrome" means "cluster" in Greek. A syndrome is a certain combination of symptoms of a disease, simply put, it is the sum of certain symptoms that make up a deviation from the norm. Modern medicine knows about 360 different syndromes. Not all syndromes are dealt with at the DAOS CLINIC, but we know how to deal with many of them.

Why choose us?

You can spend a lifetime looking for the right person to take away your pain. The main problem with all treating professionals is to draw the right conclusion about your medical condition based on your symptoms. DAOS CLINIC is a leader in the number of test 'itstruments' to identify the root of your problem...


Advanced Knowledge of Anatomy

The body is the most perfect yet the most complex mechanism in nature. All the technologies of our world are, to a greater or lesser extent, copies of our body's processes.

On TV, on the internet there is a lot of information that is often contradictory and it is not surprising that people get lost in this ocean of clever thoughts, ideas, research and discoveries.


People try, listen, try to get into the healing process, but over time, scepticism grows. Most people simply don't have the time to get to grips with the minimum rules of healthy living. The DAOS CLINIC offers you a shortcut to health, we have removed all unnecessary information and give only what is necessary for each individual case. Any help covers all aspects of your health, back pain and sciatic nerve pain are more extensive problems than just local pain and can only be solved in a holistic way.

Our remedial massage clinic is more than just a massage, we offer holistic work with your whole body and your emotions and attitudes. 

Myofascial Meridians- Anatomy Trains


The body is a complex machine and there are many ways to deal with pain, as affecting any one system changes the energy supply. We offer you the most effective and least expensive way. We have shortened recovery pathways, in many cases you do not need to attend 10-15 sessions, 2-3 sessions are sufficient. You don't need to queue for surgery to solve your problem, email or call us, it won't cost you anything, it's always best to find out more before you decide to have surgery.

Acupoints,U-Sin system,Numerology

We use the best tools to help you. It is important for us not to miss the small details that caused your abnormalities. We use modern western methods and ancient Chinese techniques. To better understand your nature, we use various numerological techniques. We also use the latest patient-therapist synchronisation techniques to analyse your condition. Your energy potential can be read and corrected in one session - you won't find this anywhere else in the UK. Illnesses that have been lingering for years can be resolved in a few sessions.

We would like to apologise to you for the unfinished look of this page, we are working on improvements, please come back later for more information...

Openning hours:


10.00 am - 9.00 pm
10.00 am - 9.00 pm
10.00 am - 9.00 pm
10.00 am - 9.00 pm
10.00 am - 9.00 pm
10.00 am - 9.00 pm
10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Our address:

Solent Business Centre
(free parking on site)
343 Millbrook Road West
SO15 0HW
England, United Kingdom

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